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  • 5 Best Boats for The Lake

5 Best Boats For The Lake

April 15th, 2021|Comments Off on 5 Best Boats For The Lake

Lake Murray is the place where you and your family should enjoy your summer, you might be interested in reading this article.  What types of boats are best suited for Lakes?  Which type is right for you?  This article goes over the top 5 best boats for the Lake.

  • Top 5 Benefits Of A Boat Lift

Top 5 Benefits Of A Boat Lift

March 3rd, 2021|Comments Off on Top 5 Benefits Of A Boat Lift

If you’ve made the leap into investing in a better quality of life with a boat, you’re hopefully prepared for some upfront costs. When you're on Lake Murray soaking up the sun with friends and family this Spring and summer, it will be clear that the expense was well worth it!

  • Finding-The-Fall-Foliage

Finding The Fall Foliage

October 8th, 2020|Comments Off on Finding The Fall Foliage

Finding The Fall Foliage Any time is a great time to visit South Carolina's diverse state parks, but we've found that fall provides a perfect period to choose one or more state parks for

  • Timberlake-Marina-Fishing-Boats

Fishing Lures On Lake Murray

September 9th, 2020|Comments Off on Fishing Lures On Lake Murray

Fishing Lures on Lake Murray Fishing can be exciting and relaxing, and having the right lure could make it more so. Enjoying a serene, beautiful place like Lake Murray with so many nooks and crannies

  • Lake-Murray-Perfect Place-To-Go-Fish

Lake Murray – Perfect Place To Go Fish

July 11th, 2020|Comments Off on Lake Murray – Perfect Place To Go Fish

Lake Murray - The Perfect Place To Go Fish Whether you’ve been fishing for 5 or 10 years, it's always exciting when you feel that first tug on your line. Combining that with a

Summer Fun 2020

June 23rd, 2020|Comments Off on Summer Fun 2020

Summer Fun 2020 This summer is obviously going to look different than others and you might be wondering how to make the most of it.  We're having to adjust our plans and our usual